About us

Who we are

Our Story

Well, it all started as fun! Two college kids thought to start a small venture just to manage some pocket money. The chasmeesh the name came on a park bench where one of the founders thought “CHASMEESH” is quirky and different and sounds urbanely cool – if that makes sense at all! As the time flew this venture actually turned serious and here we are, dealing with you beautiful people and enjoying every bit of it. Chasmeesh has reached a long distance from its origins in a home office. When Chasmeesh was first commenced, the desire for marketing goggles inspired this site to intense study & provided the reason to turn hard work & motivation into a booming online store. We now assist shoppers all over India & are excited to be a member of the fashion industry’s fair marketing side.

Our Leaders

The chasmeesh is run by two different personalities who come together to give a homely & comfortable experience. Keyur Kalal and Vibhor jha are school friends and are running this venture for a long and are really good mates off the field too. This bonding and connection makes things really smooth & eventually reflects in the brand. Both founders take this brand as their own baby and want it to grow on the right path.

Our Mission

  • To spark the fire in every young soul who has a mission and a conviction.


  • To ignite their dreams with passion and action.


To empower every youth to believe in their passion. To stay strong while HUSTLING.

Its not only about the product,but its also about the passion,Hunger for our BELEIFS.


  • Our brand is more than just clothing. It is a reflection of our beliefs, commitment, passion and desire. We believe in the beauty and diversity of every individual. We are committed to providing quality and comfort in every piece we create. We are passionate about expressing ourselves and inspiring others through our designs. We have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the environment and society.